Trade Van Remaps in Portsmouth

Van No’ 2 of 5 remapped for a local trade customer who clocks up around 40k per year per van.

Initially looking to test both our Economy remap and Stage 1 the 1st 2 Relay’s have both ended up with Stage 1 after the amazing results provided.

Stage 1:
Standard BHP 130hp ➡️ 340nm
AMTuning 200bhp ➡️ 450nm

Standard BHP 130hp ➡️ 340nm
AMTuning 155hp ➡️ 390nm

The Feedback speaks for itself

“feedback on van is that it’s like a rocket ship and that he’s done 266 miles and he’s still got between half and 3/4 tank. Normally they do 365 miles on full tank”

Even at 100miles saving per van per tank that’s a very quick ROI and losts of free driving for these guys. These particular ECU’s need to be done on the bench.

For more information about our services and choice of remaps please message us or email via info@amtuning.uk.