February 23, 2018 AMTuning Mercedes Remaps Portsmouth

Mercedes CLA 220d AMG Line remap

Mercedes CLA 220 AMG Line Diesel in for a little something MORE! Standard BHP 170 AMTuning BHP 205 Plus 90nm Topped off with a Hydrogen Engine Clean to make sure it’s giving its full protection , All done safely via the OBD port at the customer own property. Our services for remapping and engine cleaning offer the following.  Restore Engine Performance  Restore Fuel Efficiency  Restore Emissions levels  Gain more Power

Mercedes CLK270 CDI Remap

Some more local jobs we remapped a lovely Mercedes CLK 270CDI and carrying out a hydrogen engine clean #portsmouth #waterlooville #hampshire #hydrogenengineclean.co.uk The CLK 270 comes a standard BHP 170 … AMTuning tuned BHP 210 plus 80nm #mercedesremappinghampshire #CLKremapportsmouth #mercremap #dieselremappinghampshire   In addition to this our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offer the following ☆Restore Engine Performance ☆Restore Fuel Efficiency ☆Restore Emission levels ☆Gain more Power ☆Gain smoother Power Delivery