September 10, 2017 AMTuning Hydrogen Engine Cleaning

Audi A4 Hydrogen engine clean

We not only carry our services on customer vehicles but our own demo and never one to not eat our own dog food so thought the car could do with a clean as the sun is out. Just for maintenance to keep the engine running at its best so we carried a Hydrogen engine clean in our spare time as the 3.0 V6 Diesel love this treatment. Why not treat yourself

July 23, 2017 AMTuning Hydrogen Engine Cleaning

Hydrogen Engine Cleaning

Something to compliment our tuning services. can now offer full Hydrogen Engine Cleaning. Cleaning the internals of the engine to re-vitalise and remove built up carbon deposits. For those that haven’t heard of this service hydrogen cleaning breaks carbon deposits into tiny molecules which simply exit through the exhaust system. This is the exact same process that your engine runs through in normal daily usage but due to various