VW Golf GTI Remapping in Hampshire

This Golf hides a few upgrades 😂 Larger FMIC Turbo cat back Milltek Decat Induction kit Starting life with it a standard 2.0T 200BHP we added our Stage 3 calibration with transforming results. Standard BHP 200bhp ➡️ 280nm AMTuning BHP 300bhp ➡️ 440nm Added : 02 sensor off. VMAX off. RPM raised. Pops & Bangs. To say the customer was happy on the test drive was understatement 😂 …. pulls

VW Transporter Tuning Portsmouth

#ReturningCustomer to #Waterlooville for our Tuning services. We Love our customers and we love to keep them happy and this returning customer was no different, this time we worked on one of their company vans.  Limiter Removal  Upgraded ECU software  Stage 1 Remap with Economy in mind  Hydrogen Engine Clean The VW Transporter T28 has so much potential, this one started out at 84bhp. We can offer map options from

February 23, 2018 AMTuning VW Remaps

VW Caddy Remap and Speed Limiter Removal

The start of the cold day and we visited a local customer #portsmouth to remap their Caddy. Starting life with 101hp we updated the ecu software to the latest pre emmisions fix calibration and then completed a full read. After sending off the read to be calibrated for stage 1 we also carried out a hydrogen engine clean . Once this was complete we remapped with our new Stage 1

February 23, 2018 AMTuning VW Remaps

VW Touran 170TDI Remap

More #returning customer which we love. Last year we carried out a Hydrogen Clean and we were invited back to remap the car. The Touran has the same punchy engine that comes in many VW and other VAG vehicles, this 2.0TDI started with a nice 170hp and the customer opted for our Blend map. Standard 170bhp AMTuning 200bhp plus 60nm, Improvments in fuel up to 15% By using AMTuning you