Toyota Hilux 3.0 Remap Portsmouth

The start of a chilly day for a visit to Eastleigh following a recommendation from a previous customer. #Loveourcustomers We popped out to remap this Hilux 3.0TDI and mapped with our Blend Remap along with a Hydrogen Engine Carbon to help maximise the fuel economy. Standard BHP 170hp AMTuning BHP 195hp plus up to 15% improvements in fuel Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Performance, Blend, Eco maps Stage 1,2 and more maps

February 23, 2018 AMTuning Audi Portsmouth, Performance Remap, Vehicle Remaps

Audi A3 2.0TDI PD 140 Remap

The Audi A3 2.0TDI PD engine already packs a punch but we added some more for good measure! Standard BHP 140bhp AMTuning BHP 185bhp plus 80nm The customer kept the engine running clean but wanted to make sure as clean as possible so opted for our Hydrogen Engine Clean to make sure they had a few more years trouble free motoring. With a recommended annual clean the engine sounded smoother

Mercedes SL350 Remap

After recently purchasing this lovely Merc SL350 3.7 the customer has big plans for it. Part of which was a remap After completing our initial diagnostic checks and suggesting a new battery due to low voltage we set about finishing off the remap. Standard Performance 245bhp AMTuning Performance increases up to 20BHP AMTuning Performance increases up to 25NM   Another happy #AMTuning customer on the boarder of #Hampshire #RampsWestSussex #MercedesRemap

More Horses

Two work vehicles in need of some more POWER and ECONOMY. Stopping off at their work address these happy guys even paused for dinner , lots of Pizza ­čśĽ We treated these friends and work colleagues vehicles to a little bit of AMTuning love. Both having our Blending remap which offer up to 30bhp and 60nm of torque with 10%/15% fuel economy depending on driving styles. This tidy Isuzu D

September 12, 2017 AMTuning Vehicle Remaps, Vehicle Remaps in Hampshire

To DPF or to Not DPF ! that is the question !!!

There are so many options out there for remapping and even which type of map to go for or even who to use  but is If you have thought about remapping your car you may have also considered removing your DPF during the process, or indeed just having the DPF removed for the extra power and economy it may provide or due to blocked DPF light. But think wisely about

July 27, 2017 AMTuning Hydrogen Engine Cleaning, Vehicle Remaps

Ford S Max Remap and Hydrogen Clean

Taking full advantage of remap and hydrogen engine clean service we remapped this S Max 2.2 TDCI. Previously suffering un-even lumpy pull off poor mpg. Mid 20’s Remapping our Eco Remap which offers up to 20bhp and 40nm with up to 20% improvements in mpg plus our Hydrogen Engine Clean, cleans as much internal contamination as possible. We can remove into 90% of carbon within 30 minutes. Now this S

July 2, 2017 AMTuning Performance Remap, Vehicle Remaps

Audi S3 265bhp – More Power

Audi S3 265bhp – More Power Sometimes vehicle tuning isn’t just about the new cars, this week we have been providing a checkup service to a good customer of ours that recently purchased a Audi S3, remapped previously by an unknown source we are checking the quality of the map in preparation of replacing it with our own. Not only should we be able to provide a cleaner power delivery

May 12, 2017 AMTuning Blended Remap, Vehicle Remaps

Transit Connect Remap

Transit Connect 1.6 TDCI A good customer of AMTuning contacted us to remap their Transit Connect 1.6 TDCI, which started out as a 90 bhp diesel and opted to go for our Blend map. The blended remap not only offers improvements in mpg but in bhp and torque, with this option sitting perfectly in the middle or our BlueOptimizer remap and our Performance remaps, this options offers a compromise between our other

May 12, 2017 AMTuning Vehicle Remaps

Audi A1 Blended Remap

Blended Remap offering 175hp What started out as a 2.0 TDI with 140 bhp Audi A1, this tidy car has recently been mapped with our Blended Remap, offering the best of both worlds, our Blended remap is a combination of two maps, our award winning BlueOptimizer Eco remap and our more powerful Performance remap. The blended remap not only offers improvements in mpg but in bhp and torque but this option sits