Vauxhall Insignia Remap Portsmouth

Vauxhall Insignia Remap Portsmouth The Vauxhall Insignia is a big car and dropping in a 1.6CDTI engine makes for a lethargic drive due to bhp/weight. We evened up the scale on this lovely Insignia by added another 35bhp and around 70nm to help the pull. Standard BHP 134hp AMTuning BHP 160hp plus 70nm. For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via

Seat Ibiza Remap Portsmouth

Seat Ibiza Remap Portsmouth We remapped this C class a few weeks back were asked to pop back to carry out an hour Hydrogen clean on the C Class and also did a cheeky remap on his partners Seat Ibiza 1.9TDI. Well it would be rude not to lol. Our Performance remap helps these engines by increasing BHP and giving a nice jump in Torque. Standard BHP 100bhp ➡️ 240nm

Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0TDI Remap

Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0TDI Remap in Portsmouth Following a recommendation we popped out to remap this Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0TDI with our Performance remap. Adding a nice lift in BHP and Torque the customer already ordered their K&N filter 😁 Standard BHP 170bhp ➡️ 350nm AMTuning BHP 220bhp ➡️ 425nm If you are thinking of getting your car remapped why not give us a try. By using AMTuning you get

Skoda Octavia Stage 3 Remap in Portsmouth

Skoda Octavia Stage 3 Remap in Portsmouth Following our Summer time remap we popped back to finish off the build and tweak the Stage 1 remap. Still on the last section of the build when we arrived we remapped this beauty with our Stage 3 calibration. With a mods list as long as your arm we’re aiming for 300bhp plus and around 430nm. This Skoda Octavia vRS is now one

BMW X5 Diesel Remapped in Gosport

BMW X5 Diesel Remap Gosport We stopped off at #Gosport to remap this #BMW #X5 3.0L Diesel. We 1st stabalised the battery with our 100amp battery charger and then pulled all the data from the ECU ready to recalibrate with our Performance remap. Once the file work was complete we reloaded the file ready for the customer to enjoy. Standard BHP 180bhp ➡️ 410nm AMTuning 230bhp ➡️ 505nm All done

Range Rover Remapped by AMTuning in Fareham

Range Rover Remap in Fareham After remapping their #BMW #Motorrad and #Rangerover we were invited back to carry out our #HydrogenEngineClean to make sure the engine was running as efficiently as possible . Having our Stage 1 hour treatment which offers the following. ✔Restore Engine Performance ✔Restore Fuel Efficiency ✔Restore Emission levels ✔Gain more Power ✔Gain smoother Power Delivery ✔Increase MPG ✔Remove Carbon Build up ✔From 30 Minute Detox session

Audi S4 Remap in Portsmouth

Audi S4 Remap in Portsmouth One of our recent customers popped in with their Audi S4 look a like for a tweak 😎 We remapped this lush 2.0TDI with our Performance remap to help the power match the looks. Standard BHP 140bhp AMTuning BHP 190bhp plus 90nm. This was all remapped safely via the OBD diagnostic port with 100amp battery stabilisation for additional safety. Covering #Portsmouth #Hampshire #Gosport #Southampton #Chichester

Portsmouth Remap and Hydrogen Engine Clean

Portsmouth Remap and Hydrogen Engine Clean Range Rover Stage 1 Remap Fareham We stopped off in #Portsmouth to remap and carry out a Hydrogen Engine Clean on this Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0D-iD 140bhp. Following the reading of the ECU we carried out a engine clean to help remove carbon build up which reduces emissions, increases economy and power. Top that off with our Stage 1 remap this tidy motor should pull

Range Rover Stage 1 Remap Fareham.

Range Rover Remap Fareham Following the transformation of their BMW Motorrad R1200GS Adventure we remapped this week for them we were asked to come back and remapped the Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic TDV6. Well it would be rude not to take up their offer 😂 Following our initial read of the ecu we recalibrated the file with our Stage 1 remap. Although not massive gains the added Torque now

Fiesta Remap in Portsmouth.

Fiesta Remap in Portsmouth. The 1.5TDCI 75BHP Fiesta 😒 slow are just what the owners said about it. After checking out our reviews and talking via Facebook we arranged to remap the ecu with our Stage 1 calibration Only adding a small increase BHP but a nice increase Torque. Standard BHP 75bhp ➡️ 185nm AMTuning BHP 95bhp ➡️ 245nm After the drive home the customer messages to say how happy