Range Rover Remap in Portsmouth

[ad_1] Range Rover Remap in Portsmouth This Range Rover Sport HSE came to us for a Stage1 Remap and Hydro Clean. These are normally boot remaps (OPEN UP THE ECU AND WORK OFF THE BOARD) Not any more, due to advances in our kit we can now do these without opening the ECU 👍 We topped off the remap with a Hydrogen Engine Clean #PureWaterOnly with no #Chemicals Standard BHP

Audi A3 1.8TFSI Remap in Portsmouth

[ad_1] Audi A3 1.8TFSI Remap in Portsmouth Our Remap and Hydrogen combo package for this Audi A3 1.8TFSI 160HP Following our initial read of the ECU the file was recalibrated with our Performance map the set on the engine for a Hydrogen engine clean for 30 minutes Our 2000lt per hour Hydrogen generator made quick work of the clean then we finished off with flashing the newly calibrated file back

Toyota GT86 Remapping

[ad_1] Toyota GT86 Remapping Following the previous development work we completed on another Toyota GT86 this customer heard about it so got in contact and asked us to remap their GT86. Already fitted with a Sports Cat and Milltek Cat back system we remapped the ECU with our Performance map with Pops and Bangs. With the pops and bangs a little more aggressive and lower down the rev range this

The Focus 1.8TDCI Remap

[ad_1] The Focus 1.8TDCI Remap The Focus 1.8TDCI was never lightning fast but there is potential 😁 We recently remapped this one with our Performance map to help pep up the power. Standard BHP 115bhp ➡️ 250nm AMTuning BHP 140bhp ➡️ 305nm Not a massive increase compared to some of the later engines but one the customer was extremely happy with. For more information about our services and choice of

VW T5 Remapping

[ad_1] VW T5 Remapping This work horse dropped in for a Performance remap ready for its face lift and matte grey wrap which the customer has planned. This 1.9TDI T5 comes with 101bhp as standard and we added another 40hp on top. Standard BHP 101bhp ➡️ 250nm AMTuning BHP 140bhp ➡️ 330nm We offer a range of remaps for a wide range vehicles to increase Power, Torque and Economy. ✔Increase

Isle Of Wight Remap

[ad_1] Isle Of Wight Remap We visited the #IsleOfWight to remap this 1.6 TDI Skoda Octavia with our award winning BlueOptimizer remap to help this taxi get the most out of the engine. The 1.6TDI VAG engine is already frugal but we can increase the MPG by up to 20%. Standard BHP 105bhp ➡️ 250nm AMTuning BHP 125bhp ➡️ 305nm We also deleted the EGR as this engine is one

Trade Van Remaps in Portsmouth

[ad_1] Trade Van Remaps in Portsmouth The Renault Master is a BIG van to move around, this was van number 3 of 5 for our trade customer. Even with it’s slightly older engine to the Relay we have been doing these still get a good increase in power,torque and mpg. Standard BHP 125hp ➡️ 310nm AMTuning BHP 165bhp ➡️ 390nm All done safely via the Diagnostic port and 100amp battery

Trade Van Remaps in Portsmouth

[ad_1] Trade Van Remaps in Portsmouth Van No’ 2 of 5 remapped for a local trade customer who clocks up around 40k per year per van. Initially looking to test both our Economy remap and Stage 1 the 1st 2 Relay’s have both ended up with Stage 1 after the amazing results provided. Stage 1: Standard BHP 130hp ➡️ 340nm AMTuning 200bhp ➡️ 450nm Eco: Standard BHP 130hp ➡️ 340nm

Mazda CX-5 Remap in Portsmouth

[ad_1] Mazda CX-5 Remap in Portsmouth In for an Economy remap we had this shiny example in to remap. The Mazda CX-5 Is claimed to have great MPG. This one wasnt doing great. SSSSHHH the real world MPG figures are a little bit misleading if you didn’t know 😂 Standard BHP 148hp ➡️ 380nm AMTuning BHP 180hp ➡️ 430nm Economy improvements up to 15% We’re looking forward to hearing back

Golf 1.4TSI Remap near Portsmouth.

[ad_1] A little bit of Pops and Bangs with Stage 3 for this 1.4TSI. Already rolling with PowerFlow exhaust system , Airtech FMIC and performance Induction kit We then topped this up with a Stage 3 Remap with a little bit of Pops and bangs Already planning a few tweaks to the file we can’t wait to play with this 1.4 some more 😎 Standard 168bhp ➡️ 240nm AMTuning 260bhp