BMW ECUs Remapped by OBD

AMTuning are pleased to announce due to advances in new protocols we are now able to remap most BMW Fxx vehicles with Full OBD Read/Write Solution, we are one of the first in Hampshire if not the UK to be able to offer tuning solutions without opening BMW ECUs. There are a number of traditional ways BMW Fxx ecu’s are remapped..  the original way is to open up the ECU

November 3, 2017 AMTuning Performance Remap, Vehicle Remaps in Hampshire

Ford Focus ST-3 Remap

Not every remap goes without its glitches and we always pride ourselves as never giving up : what planed to be a normal remap turned in to testing multiple maps just to get the right combination on this mint Focus ST 250bhp to get her running at full power and a true Hot Hatch. Standard Performance 250ps… AMTuning Performance BHP increases up to 40bhp AMTuning Performance NM increases up to 80nm

October 30, 2017 AMTuning Performance Remap, Vehicle Remaps in Hampshire

Vauxhall Vectra 2.0 SRI Turbo Performance Remap

Some customers and cars always stick in your mind for one reason or another. It was a pleasure to meet this local customer who owns a Vectra C SRI Turbo which has been in the family since new. In great condition and just having some TLC to the lovely 19″ allows We tuned this vehcile with out Performance map. Standard BHP 175BHP AMTuning BHP 211BHP The customer is looking forward

Skoda vRS performance tuning

Skoda vRS performance tuning Just before they headed up to Trax for the weekend we dropped by to remap this lovely Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI vRs. Once we had completed our initial checked and stabilized the battery ready to upload the new performance map. The owner enjoyed the test drive based on his smile when he came back. Part of the perk for us Standard Performance 170ps… AMTuning Performance BHP

Ford Transit OBD Remapping 2.2TDCI

Ford Transit OBD Remapping 2.2TDCI Depending on your engine the Ford Transit normally has to have the ECU removed and opened to remap until recently. With the advances in protocols our hardware uses we are now able to remap most FORD TRANSIT’S via the OBD port. For more information about Ford Transit remapping get in touch. Standard power 123 BHP … AMTuning increased power to around 25bhp. Increase in mpg

September 15, 2017 AMTuning Vehicle Remaps in Hampshire

Porsche Cayenne V6 Diesel + Power + Economy

Porsche Cayenne Remap Another busy week and we thought this vehicle deserves a mention. This Porsche Cayenne V6 TDI started life as 240bhp, we remapped and carried out a maintenance clean with our Hydrogen Engine Clean service. Mapped with our Blend option not only did we increase MPG but also BHP. Standard power 240BHP AMTuning increased power to around 270bhp with an increase in torque of 60nm and up to

Mercedes CL600 500BHP Remap

Mercedes CL600 500BHP Remap Something a little different from this weeks tuning. Taking full advantage of our remap and hydrogen clean service we carried out increasing the bhp and mpg. Remapping with our Performance Remap which offers up to 70bhp and 150nm this 500bhp CL600 was already rapid. The post remap test drive was full of #mercedesremap #mercremapping #mercedesremaphampshire #mercedesremappingportsmouth In addition to the remap our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning

May 12, 2017 AMTuning Blended Remap, Vehicle Remaps

Transit Connect Remap

Transit Connect 1.6 TDCI A good customer of AMTuning contacted us to remap their Transit Connect 1.6 TDCI, which started out as a 90 bhp diesel and opted to go for our Blend map. The blended remap not only offers improvements in mpg but in bhp and torque, with this option sitting perfectly in the middle or our BlueOptimizer remap and our Performance remaps, this options offers a compromise between our other

May 12, 2017 AMTuning Vehicle Remaps

Audi A1 Blended Remap

Blended Remap offering 175hp What started out as a 2.0 TDI with 140 bhp Audi A1, this tidy car has recently been mapped with our Blended Remap, offering the best of both worlds, our Blended remap is a combination of two maps, our award winning BlueOptimizer Eco remap and our more powerful Performance remap. The blended remap not only offers improvements in mpg but in bhp and torque but this option sits