AMTuning Offer Interest-Free Credit

When you book you Remap and Hydrogen clean package and take advantage of our Interest-Free Credit option, we’ll say thank you by offering you 3-months FREE breakdown cover with WMS Group from TODAY! This means that each you take out a new payment plan with Payment Assist, you will be given the option to receive free recovery breakdown cover for the period of their payment plan. There is no cost

Remapped E91 BMW 320d with Hydrogen Clean

After we found them in the maze of streets we remapped this E91 BMW 320d and topped off with a Hydrogen engine clean. These ECU’s take around 35 minutes to read and a happier 6 minutes to write back the calibrated file. For this one, we flashed the ECU with our Performance map which offers 45hp increases. Standard BHP 161hp ➡️ 340nm AMTuning BHP 206hp ➡️ 420nm The Hydrogen clean

Skoda DSG Remapping in Hampshire

Skoda Octavia 1.4TSI DSG having it’s DSG upgraded with our Stage 1 VAG gear box remap. Suffering from slow gear changes after a main dealer update (who then couldn’t roll back the update) which then got the customer thinking. “How do I improve it now”. The the more appropriate option was contact AMTuning and ask to remap the DSG TCU, which we did safely and quickly via the OBD diagnostic

VW Golf GTI Remapping in Hampshire

This Golf hides a few upgrades 😂 Larger FMIC Turbo cat back Milltek Decat Induction kit Starting life with it a standard 2.0T 200BHP we added our Stage 3 calibration with transforming results. Standard BHP 200bhp ➡️ 280nm AMTuning BHP 300bhp ➡️ 440nm Added : 02 sensor off. VMAX off. RPM raised. Pops & Bangs. To say the customer was happy on the test drive was understatement 😂 …. pulls

Twin car Hydrogen Engine Cleaning service

Taking advantage of our Twin car Hydrogen Engine Cleaning service this Audi A3 and A4 were treated to an hour of 2000L/per hour hydrogen. Both these cars where high mileage with 175k and 140k so Will both benefit from the cleaning process. Our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offers the following ✔ Restore Engine Performance ✔ Restore Fuel Efficiency ✔Restore Emission levels ✔Gain more Power ✔Gain smoother Power Delivery ✔Increase

Renault Megane RS225

Reds and Blues was the theme for this pair of Renaults. Both in for a Hydrogen Engine Clean and one for a Performance remap. Both running Megane RS225 engines and both now running around 270BHP. The Clio was previously upgraded to the punchy Megane RS 225bhp ready for the occasional track days but needed a little more even if it does weigh as much as a shoe box 😂 Now

Mini Remapping in Hampshire

The MINI…. slightly uprated over the original classic you could say. Well this one is no different now. Standard BHP 192bhp ➡️ 280nm AMTuning BHP 260bhp ➡️ 400nm If you’re thinking of having your Mini remapped soon why not give us a try. Covering #Portsmouth #Hampshire #Gosport #Southampton #Chichester and the surrounding area #MINI #REMAPPORTSMOUTH #STAGE1 Source

Volvo V50 Remap in Havant.

Not our usual vehicle type but none the Less a worthy increase. This family bus was in for a a Performance Remap and Hydrogen Engine Clean. Standard BHP 130bhp ➡️ 320nm AMTuning BHP 165bhp ➡️ 390nm Premium quality remaps with genuine tools and Hydrogen Engine Cleaning. AMTuning offer a range of Remap services offered for range of vehicles which offer the following ✔Increase bhp by up to 40% ✔increase Torque

Mercedes C220 BlueTec 170bhp Stage 1 remap

Mercedes C220 BlueTec 170bhp for a Stage 1 Remap and Hydrogen Engine Clean. With an epic read time this beast took just under 2 hours to pull the data off the ecu ready to recalibrate. Once the file had been prepared to load back on the ecu it only took 25 minutes, once this had been flashed we then topped this off with a maintenance clean to make sure the

Vauxhall Vivaro Remap and Hydrogen Engine Clean Portsmouth

This Vauxhall Vivaro was in for a remap and Hydrogen Engine Clean recently. Although the engine was running smoothly there was a small trace of smoke when revving. Mapped via CMD with our Stage 1 calibration and EGR delete. Standard BHP 115bhp AMTuning BHP 150bhp For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via Source