Ford Transit OBD Remapping 2.2TDCI

Ford Transit OBD Remapping 2.2TDCI Depending on your engine the Ford Transit normally has to have the ECU removed and opened to remap until recently. With the advances in protocols our hardware uses we are now able to remap most FORD TRANSIT’S via the OBD port. For more information about Ford Transit remapping get in touch. Standard power 123 BHP … AMTuning increased power to around 25bhp. Increase in mpg

Mercedes CL600 500BHP Remap

Mercedes CL600 500BHP Remap Something a little different from this weeks tuning. Taking full advantage of our remap and hydrogen clean service we carried out increasing the bhp and mpg. Remapping with our Performance Remap which offers up to 70bhp and 150nm this 500bhp CL600 was already rapid. The post remap test drive was full of #mercedesremap #mercremapping #mercedesremaphampshire #mercedesremappingportsmouth In addition to the remap our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning