Audi A4 1.9TDI Carbon Clean

An existing customer asked for a massive favour and fit them in for a Hydrogen Engine Carbon to their new car. Not one to disappoint we fitted them in after they picked up their car and were on the way home, stopping off on route we gave it a quick health check and clean, even secured there number plates correctly for them ! After his long drive back he already

Toyota Hilux 3.0 Remap Portsmouth

The start of a chilly day for a visit to Eastleigh following a recommendation from a previous customer. #Loveourcustomers We popped out to remap this Hilux 3.0TDI and mapped with our Blend Remap along with a Hydrogen Engine Carbon to help maximise the fuel economy. Standard BHP 170hp AMTuning BHP 195hp plus up to 15% improvements in fuel Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Performance, Blend, Eco maps Stage 1,2 and more maps

BMW 116D Remapped to 190bhp via OBD

#BMWOBDTUNING . Taking advantage of our December remap and hydrogen engine clean offer this recent BMW started off with an engine clean followed by OBD remapping. After a 30 minute clean the engine sounded quieter and was running smoother and after a test drive by the customer picked up quicker and was more responsive. Then on to the OBD remap, this is a 116d and for those of you aren’t

October 19, 2017 AMTuning Hydrogen Engine Cleaning

VW Touran Carbon Clean

Just for a maintenance we helped this VW Touran with our Hydrogen Engine Clean to help with a hesitation and slight stutter which doesn’t present and fault codes. Looking forward to the feedback over the coming days. Our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offer the following Restore Engine Performance… Restore Fuel Efficiency Restore Emissions levels Gain more Power Gain smoother Power Delivery Increase MPG Remove Carbon Build up From 30

Ford Transit OBD Remapping 2.2TDCI

Depending on your engine the Ford Transit normally has to have the ECU removed and opened to remap until recently. With the advances in protocols our hardware uses we are now able to remap most FORD TRANSIT’S via the OBD port. For more information about Ford Transit remapping get in touch. Standard power 123 BHP … AMTuning increased power to around 25bhp. Increase in mpg of up to 20%. On

Mercedes CLK270 CDI Remap

Some more local jobs we remapped a lovely Mercedes CLK 270CDI and carrying out a hydrogen engine clean #portsmouth #waterlooville #hampshire The CLK 270 comes a standard BHP 170 … AMTuning tuned BHP 210 plus 80nm #mercedesremappinghampshire #CLKremapportsmouth #mercremap #dieselremappinghampshire   In addition to this our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offer the following ☆Restore Engine Performance ☆Restore Fuel Efficiency ☆Restore Emission levels ☆Gain more Power ☆Gain smoother Power Delivery

September 10, 2017 AMTuning Hydrogen Engine Cleaning

Audi A4 Hydrogen engine clean

We not only carry our services on customer vehicles but our own demo and never one to not eat our own dog food so thought the car could do with a clean as the sun is out. Just for maintenance to keep the engine running at its best so we carried a Hydrogen engine clean in our spare time as the 3.0 V6 Diesel love this treatment. Why not treat yourself

July 27, 2017 AMTuning Hydrogen Engine Cleaning, Vehicle Remaps

Ford S Max Remap and Hydrogen Clean

Taking full advantage of remap and hydrogen engine clean service we remapped this S Max 2.2 TDCI. Previously suffering un-even lumpy pull off poor mpg. Mid 20’s Remapping our Eco Remap which offers up to 20bhp and 40nm with up to 20% improvements in mpg plus our Hydrogen Engine Clean, cleans as much internal contamination as possible. We can remove into 90% of carbon within 30 minutes. Now this S

Mercedes CL600 500BHP Remap

Something a little different from this weeks tuning. Taking full advantage of our remap and hydrogen clean service we carried out increasing the bhp and mpg. Remapping with our Performance Remap which offers up to 70bhp and 150nm this 500bhp CL600 was already rapid. The post remap test drive was full of #mercedesremap #mercremapping #mercedesremaphampshire #mercedesremappingportsmouth In addition to the remap our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offer the following

Audi A6 2.0 TDI 140BHP Remap and Hydrogen Clean

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″] [et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] One of our recent customers taking full advantage of our remap and hydrogen offer. This motorway muncher does 130 mile trip most days so a full Hydrogen Engine detox and economy remap will maximise the fuel return and offer smoother and sharper throttle response at the same time. They said when I arrived their A6 Avant always feels a bit sluggish. NOT