Toyota GT86 Remapping

[ad_1] Toyota GT86 Remapping Following the previous development work we completed on another Toyota GT86 this customer heard about it so got in contact and asked us to remap their GT86. Already fitted with a Sports Cat and Milltek Cat back system we remapped the ECU with our Performance map with Pops and Bangs. With the pops and bangs a little more aggressive and lower down the rev range this

The Focus 1.8TDCI Remap

[ad_1] The Focus 1.8TDCI Remap The Focus 1.8TDCI was never lightning fast but there is potential 😁 We recently remapped this one with our Performance map to help pep up the power. Standard BHP 115bhp ➡️ 250nm AMTuning BHP 140bhp ➡️ 305nm Not a massive increase compared to some of the later engines but one the customer was extremely happy with. For more information about our services and choice of

VW T5 Remapping

[ad_1] VW T5 Remapping This work horse dropped in for a Performance remap ready for its face lift and matte grey wrap which the customer has planned. This 1.9TDI T5 comes with 101bhp as standard and we added another 40hp on top. Standard BHP 101bhp ➡️ 250nm AMTuning BHP 140bhp ➡️ 330nm We offer a range of remaps for a wide range vehicles to increase Power, Torque and Economy. ✔Increase

Golf 1.4TSI Remap near Portsmouth.

[ad_1] A little bit of Pops and Bangs with Stage 3 for this 1.4TSI. Already rolling with PowerFlow exhaust system , Airtech FMIC and performance Induction kit We then topped this up with a Stage 3 Remap with a little bit of Pops and bangs Already planning a few tweaks to the file we can’t wait to play with this 1.4 some more 😎 Standard 168bhp ➡️ 240nm AMTuning 260bhp

SAAB 93 1.9CDTI 150 Remap Portsmouth

[ad_1] SAAB 93 Remap Portsmouth The bullet proof SAAB 93 1.9CDTI 150 BHP. this one was very well looked after and we treated her to a good o’fashion Stage 1 remap with a few extras. Most normal tuning tools will only full part of the data off the ECU if you read the ECU by OBD and will only allows you to part flash the ECU and not get the

Seat Ibiza Remap Portsmouth

[ad_1] Seat Ibiza Remap Portsmouth We remapped this C class a few weeks back were asked to pop back to carry out an hour Hydrogen clean on the C Class and also did a cheeky remap on his partners Seat Ibiza 1.9TDI. Well it would be rude not to lol. Our Performance remap helps these engines by increasing BHP and giving a nice jump in Torque. Standard BHP 100bhp ➡️

Peugeot 307 Remap Portsmouth

[ad_1] Peugeot 307 Remap Portsmouth The last one from today. An emergency remap and EGR delete for this Peugeot 307 1.6HDI followed by a Hydrogen Engine Clean. Standard BHP 109bhp ➡️ 147nm AMTuning BHP 140bhp ➡️ 210nm And now revving so much quicker than before thank to the Hydrogen clean 👍 For more information about our services and choice of maps please message us or email via ✔ Hydrogen

BMW X5 Diesel Remapped in Gosport

[ad_1] BMW X5 Diesel Remap Gosport We stopped off at #Gosport to remap this #BMW #X5 3.0L Diesel. We 1st stabalised the battery with our 100amp battery charger and then pulled all the data from the ECU ready to recalibrate with our Performance remap. Once the file work was complete we reloaded the file ready for the customer to enjoy. Standard BHP 180bhp ➡️ 410nm AMTuning 230bhp ➡️ 505nm All

Range Rover Remapped by AMTuning in Fareham

[ad_1] Range Rover Remap in Fareham After remapping their #BMW #Motorrad and #Rangerover we were invited back to carry out our #HydrogenEngineClean to make sure the engine was running as efficiently as possible . Having our Stage 1 hour treatment which offers the following. ✔Restore Engine Performance ✔Restore Fuel Efficiency ✔Restore Emission levels ✔Gain more Power ✔Gain smoother Power Delivery ✔Increase MPG ✔Remove Carbon Build up ✔From 30 Minute Detox

Audi S4 Remap in Portsmouth

[ad_1] Audi S4 Remap in Portsmouth One of our recent customers popped in with their Audi S4 look a like for a tweak 😎 We remapped this lush 2.0TDI with our Performance remap to help the power match the looks. Standard BHP 140bhp AMTuning BHP 190bhp plus 90nm. This was all remapped safely via the OBD diagnostic port with 100amp battery stabilisation for additional safety. Covering #Portsmouth #Hampshire #Gosport #Southampton