VW Transporter Tuning Portsmouth

#ReturningCustomer to #Waterlooville for our Tuning services. We Love our customers and we love to keep them happy and this returning customer was no different, this time we worked on one of their company vans.  Limiter Removal  Upgraded ECU software  Stage 1 Remap with Economy in mind  Hydrogen Engine Clean The VW Transporter T28 has so much potential, this one started out at 84bhp. We can offer map options from

Astra K 1.6T Remap 197hp

We visited this lovely example of an Astra 1.6 Turbo by recommendation from a previous customer. The customer spoke to a number of other companies since buying the Astra to tune his car and after talking to a co-worker we had various conversations and we were asked to map his car. Standard BHP 197hp AMTuning BHP 230hp plus 50mn By using AMTuning you get access to our premium maps and

Audi A4 TDI Remapped Portsmouth

We love Audi and they love a remap, we stopped off to map this lovely Audi A4 Avant 1.9TDI they come with a great engine to start with but we made it better  On arrival we carried out a DTC fault check.  Carried out a stabilised read of the ecu  Remapped with our Blend Remap.  Completed final DTC fault check  Completed road test  Watched mpg increase by 5mpg  Left customer

Audi A3 8V 2.0TDI Remap

The Audi A3.. there is no other word for them other than “Great” this little gem was no exception and remapped with our Blend remap making a great car even better. Standard 150bhp AMTuning 180bhp Increases of up to 30bhp and 60nm and up to 15% improvements in fuel. After the ECU was flashed the test drive showed healthy improvements in the mpg. Our Blend remap offers a healthy increase

BMW 420d Performance Remap

#BMWOBDTUNING. Gone are the days where you risk damaging your ecu when remapping your cherished Fxx range bimmer. BMW has always been a ecu open job and board flipped or a hole drilled and plugged. We have the equipment to TUNE by OBD. Not only avoiding ecu damage during the process but also water ingress after the event. The 4 series with the diesel engine is no exception to this,

BMW 116D Remapped to 190bhp via OBD

#BMWOBDTUNING . Taking advantage of our December remap and hydrogen engine clean offer this recent BMW started off with an engine clean followed by OBD remapping. After a 30 minute clean the engine sounded quieter and was running smoother and after a test drive by the customer picked up quicker and was more responsive. Then on to the OBD remap, this is a 116d and for those of you aren’t

More Horses

Two work vehicles in need of some more POWER and ECONOMY. Stopping off at their work address these happy guys even paused for dinner , lots of Pizza 😕 We treated these friends and work colleagues vehicles to a little bit of AMTuning love. Both having our Blending remap which offer up to 30bhp and 60nm of torque with 10%/15% fuel economy depending on driving styles. This tidy Isuzu D