Toyota Hilux 3.0 Remap Portsmouth

The start of a chilly day for a visit to Eastleigh following a recommendation from a previous customer. #Loveourcustomers We popped out to remap this Hilux 3.0TDI and mapped with our Blend Remap along with a Hydrogen Engine Carbon to help maximise the fuel economy. Standard BHP 170hp AMTuning BHP 195hp plus up to 15% improvements in fuel Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Performance, Blend, Eco maps Stage 1,2 and more maps

More Horses

Two work vehicles in need of some more POWER and ECONOMY. Stopping off at their work address these happy guys even paused for dinner , lots of Pizza 😕 We treated these friends and work colleagues vehicles to a little bit of AMTuning love. Both having our Blending remap which offer up to 30bhp and 60nm of torque with 10%/15% fuel economy depending on driving styles. This tidy Isuzu D

May 12, 2017 AMTuning Blended Remap, Vehicle Remaps

Transit Connect Remap

Transit Connect 1.6 TDCI A good customer of AMTuning contacted us to remap their Transit Connect 1.6 TDCI, which started out as a 90 bhp diesel and opted to go for our Blend map. The blended remap not only offers improvements in mpg but in bhp and torque, with this option sitting perfectly in the middle or our BlueOptimizer remap and our Performance remaps, this options offers a compromise between our other