Mercedes S320 Remap Portsmouth

[ad_1] Mercedes Remapping in Portsmouth Previously remapped with a very strong remap by an unknown company we remapped this with our Blend remap. The reason for this is the torque limit was being hit on the auto gearbox and was causing shuddering when accelerating which was confirmed on the diagnostic scan. Standard BHP 235hp ➡️ 540nm Unknown Remap BHP 290hp ➡️ 670nm (approx based on file check against our Performance

BMW 320D Remap in Portsmouth

[ad_1] BMW Remapping in Portsmouth Vehicle number 2 of our twin booking this BMW 320D TwinPower had our Stage 1 Remap and Hydrogen engine clean which helps carbon build-up. Standard BHP 181hp ➡️ 380nm AMTuning BHP 220hp ➡️ 460nm This was done safely via the OBD diagnostic port along with 100amp battery stabilization as this is the safest ways to map an F range BMW or later as they can

Audi Q7 and a 4.2 V8 Petrol remapped.

[ad_1] Audi Q7  4.2 V8 Petrol remapped. Not the sort of thing that comes in the same sentence too many times. We remapped this monster following a recommendation for our services. Although not massive gained our remap still overs 28bhp 40nm. Standard BHP 350hp ➡️ 440nm AMTuning BHP 378ho ➡️ 480nm All done safely via the OBD diagnostic port with 100amp battery stabilization. For more information about our services and

Seat Exeo Remapped in Portsmouth

[ad_1] The Seat Exeo remapping AKA the older Audi A4. Well built and great value for money and we added a little extra with an AMTuning remap and Hydrogen engine clean. Following a recommendation we remapped this 2.0TDI 143hp version with our Blended remap, offering a combination of power and Economy Standard BHP 140hp ➡️ 320nm AMTuning BHP 170hp ➡️ 395nm We also topped off the remap with our Hydrogen