Mercedes C220 CDI Remap

[ad_1] Mercedes C220 CDI Remap Following some previous work we were asked to come back and remap this Mercedes C220 for a local customer. After our initial checks we remapped the ECU with our Performance calibration. If you ever need proof that having good battery support is essential, while writing the new file this bad boy pulled up to 70amp. A drop in battery voltage or a flat battery can

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E Class E270CDI 175HP Remap

[ad_1] E Class E270CDI Remap in Hampshire Looking for some extra power and economy we remapped this E Class E270CDI 175HP with our Blended calibration. After upgrading from a Golf to this Mercedes E270 this customer found the mpg a little on the low side compared to the Golf, although we can’t make it as frugal as a Golf we can add up to 15% fuel economy improvements With our

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The Audi A3 8V Remap

[ad_1] Audi A3 Remap in Portsmouth The Audi A3 8V is a lovely car and this one was no different. Following a recommendation from another trade customer we popped out to remap this 150bhp version with our Performance remap. Standard BHP 150bhp ➡️ 340nm AMTuning BHP 190bhp ➡️ 420nm Increases 40bhp and 80nm This was all done safely and quickly via the OBD diagnostic port with 100amp battery stabilisation. Following

VAG 2.0TDI 140hp engine Remap in Portsmouth

[ad_1] The VAG 2.0TDI 140hp engine finds its way in to a few cars in the group range and this Tiguan 140hp was asking to be remapped 🤣 lighter than it’s Audi cousin the Q3 the Tiguan pulls along pretty well already. But we added some extra pull with our Performance remap, adding an extra 40bhp and 80mm to this already quick DSG Tiguan it will be a rocket ship

Helping out a trade customer

[ad_1] We visited a trade customer this week to help out one of there customers. After the customer purchased an Audi A4 of her dreams it soon turned in to a nightmare. The car had previously been remapped and the DPF gutted so wanting to be road legal they purchased a new genuine Audi DPF and had it fitted. After arranging for the original company to re-remap the car to