AMT-Switch by AMTuning

If you want to control your own remap, the AMT-Switch is for you. It’s a standalone hand held tuning programmer that is truly simple to use, designed so you, for an additional cost over and above the remap cost you can tune your vehicle yourself, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Giving you the Power to choose your cars Performance

Easy to use and simple to operate, The AMT-Switch tuning system is capable of reading and writing tuning software and settings for hundreds of vehicle types. Uniquely, and very importantly, the AMT-Switch will also store up to three different tuning files all dedicated to the same car – the original factory setting and two modified tuning files of your own specification and requirements.

Tune your car to your heart’s content with the AMT-Switch, and change the power, performance and setting of your drive in just minutes.

AMT-Switch : The Good Stuff

  • Very simple tuning at home
  • The original factory programme can be reinstalled before servicing and inspection
  • You can change the tuning of your car as often as you like
  • Fault codes can be read and deleted
  • Can be transferred from car-to-car, so you can tune your next car
  • Available on mail order to distant and international customers

Other options available are plug-in chip tuning, AMT-Switch Self Tuning, Home Tuning, Stage 1 Ecu, Stage 1 Performance, Engine optimizing BlueEco , Blend or Performance remapping All available on our Hand Held*. We guarantee that we can save you money using the Blue Optimizer remap.

*Model range differs from our tuning services, Please check with us for vehicle range before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use AMTUNING.UK----Click for Info

We do understand there are many tuning providers to choose from, from low cost add on boxed or the more complex multiple channel tuning boxes units to other remapping providers and even those “cheap” remaps. By using AMTuning and its dealer network you are not using just “another tuning provider”: AMTuning provides services from a range a vendors that have been developed over the last 20 years and uses some of the very best tools available in the world today

Will my fuel consumption go up----Click for Info

No, in fact, quite the opposite. Even on a performance tune, if you continue to drive the car in the same way as you did before the upgrade, your fuel consumption will probably improve. Of course, if you have a track day motorsport tuning map installed on the car, and you are driving the car under the conditions in which full-on motorsport tuning is intended, you’re likely to find a slightly reduced MPG figure.

Will the life span of my engine reduce----Click for Info

No, not at all if you use when you use AMTuning, Sadly some tuning companies will offer large increased figures and engines can be over tuned, ‘stressing’ the engine, transmission, cooling systems, brakes etc, and reducing the life span and reliability of the car. This is why it’s so important to choose the best. Choosing to have your car mapped by AMTuning, as an approved dealer you many hours of R&D so you can be assured you don’t damage your vehicle

Premium Quality & Straight Pricing

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