Some more local jobs we remapped a lovely Mercedes CLK 270CDI and carrying out a hydrogen engine clean #portsmouth #waterlooville #hampshire

The CLK 270 comes a standard BHP 170

AMTuning tuned BHP 210 plus 80nm

#mercedesremappinghampshire #CLKremapportsmouth #mercremap #dieselremappinghampshire

Mercedes CLK270 CDI hydrogen engine detox session in waterlooville hampshire

Merc CLK270 CDI


In addition to this our Hydrogen carbon engine cleaning services offer the following

☆Restore Engine Performance
☆Restore Fuel Efficiency
☆Restore Emission levels
☆Gain more Power
☆Gain smoother Power Delivery
☆Increase MPG
☆Remove Carbon Build up
☆From 30 Minute Detox session

Our prices start from

☆Single Car Hydrogen Clean £95.00
☆Twin Car Hydrogen Clean £150
☆Remap and Hydrogen Clean from £250