Something to compliment our tuning services. can now offer full Hydrogen Engine Cleaning. Cleaning the internals of the engine to re-vitalise and remove built up carbon deposits.

For those that haven’t heard of this service hydrogen cleaning breaks carbon deposits into tiny molecules which simply exit through the exhaust system. This is the exact same process that your engine runs through in normal daily usage but due to various reasons, the engine can build deposits of carbon causing blockages within the intake and exhaust process

AMTuning use the right combination of materials to make 99% pure HHO, our system mixes the gas which is then cooled and filtered into the engine, fuel, air, and combustion carbon mixed together. The increased internal oxygen proportion, improves combustion, during the process the catalytic properties of hydrogen make it possible for combustion carbon to be gradually broken down to clear internal carbon deposits thought the engine. you end up with a cleaner, smoother more powerful engine because of it. 

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Hydrogen Engine Cleaning service in hampshire

Hydrogen Engine Cleaning service in hampshire


 This service costs £95 for single vehicles, £150 for two vehicles booked at the same time or from £250 with a OBD Remap.